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Traverse the islands, suck up tenants and fight houses to become the best landlord around!

House Hunting is a 3rd person twin-stick rent ‘em up, where you play the newest new landlord selected by the god of landlords to be his herald of profit!

  • Take your home on the road and suck up tenants and money, putting them into rooms to make them pay rent!
  • Upgrade your house with money gathered to grow bigger and stronger and move up in the food-chain! Grow bigger to explore more islands on the archipelago! 
  • Battle over houses by charging into them with your home and firing useless tenants at them! It’s what’s they deserve, really! Destroy other homes to take their tenants and cash!
  • Collect unique tenants with powerful abilities and traits to customise your play-style on the go!

How to Play




Anastasia Nicolaou
Cameron Higgins

Joel Dignam-Murphy

Cael McKinney
Thomas Heintz

Matthew Jenkins

Writing / Production
Maria K

Install instructions

Only available on Windows. If you're unsure how to play the game once it's downloaded, here's a step-by-step guide:

1) Download, right click and unzip/extract "House_Hunting.zip".

2) Open the "House_Hunting" folder created.

3) Open "House_Hunting.exe" and enjoy!


House_Hunting.zip 68 MB

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